Kind Kids from Commerce Bank

September – Kennadi – 10 years old

Kennadi Merriam is our Kind Kid of the Month She helps all living things.  Everytime we see someone on the road, she wants to donate her own money and/or get them food.  Any animal she sees, she wants to pet and love on them…  Anytime she sees anyone having a hard time, she prays for them that evening and going forward until she sees resolution.  Her prayers are VERY long LOL  She is VERY deserving of this, thank you for the opportunity to recognize her…




October – Austin – 6 years old

Austin has the kindest heart for all kids but especially individuals with special needs. He includes everyone daily and is always looking for those who are not normally included. He even held a lemonade stands/bake sale to raise money for the Down Syndrome Guild of Kansas City. On his last birthday, he asked for donations to the DSG instead of gifts. He is kind and thoughtful to ALL people.




November – Jack – 9 years old

Jack is the oldest of 4. Not only does he show so much love and compassion for his younger siblings, he is kind to his teachers, friends and neighbors. An example of his kindness is when he turned 9, he decided to do 9 acts of kindness. Some of these included making goodies for the mailman, donating piggy bank money to allow another kid to have a birthday through Cornerstones of Care and making an extra effort to play with the new boy in his class. Jack has the kindest heart and we cannot wait to see what else he will do with his kindness as he grows-up!


January  – Marissa – 10 years old

My daughter Marissa is the kind of little girl I have ever met. She is a friend to everyone. She makes sure to include everyone for instance there’s a little girl in her class who is allergic to cane sugar and any time that she takes treats to school she make sure to take something that is sugar free for the little girl. She’s always asking me for crayons or glue or paper or markers for the kids at school who didn’t have those that day she’s always sharing her lunch with kids who asked in general she’s just a really kind kid who thinks about everybody and is a friend to everyone. She is in her school band her school’s choir and is in line for safety patrol. She’s always eager to help and lend a helping hand wherever it is needed. Marissa is very deserving of this win and recognition if for nothing but her kind heart alone.



January  – Alyssa  – 11 years old

Alyssa was chosen as “kindness ninja” for delivering special notes and words of encouragement secretly to students and staff in her entire school for the last several months. Alyssa took it upon herself to bring in small gifts “be good to people” pencils to spread kindness and share an encouraging mesage. Most recently Alyssa and 2 friends made posters and delivered to Childrens Mercy Hospital & purchased art supplies for a donation to the hospital for children who could not be home for Christmas. Alyssa kindness has spread throughout her elementary school and now to Childrens Mercy. Miss Alyssa is always thinking of ways to spread her kindness !
Early this year, Alyssa and a classmate began to hand write and leave random notes of kindness for specific school staff and students to find. Those recipients have been teachers, librarians, principle, counselor, custodians, and students. Alyssa thinks to include everyone. For several months no one in the school knew who was leaving the notes. Prior to being discovered they were eventually given the title “Kindness Ninjas,” which is what they are still called. Alyssa purchased shirts for her and her “Kindness Ninja” peer that says, “Be good to people.” Alyssa also purchased numerous pens and pencils that she passes out to people at school that also say, “Be good to people.” Alyssa is also involved in the community. Alyssa, along with two of her friends, recently made several large posters with inspirational messages and delivered them to Children’s Mercy Hospital. Alyssa also donated several arts and craft supplies to the children at the hospital. Alyssa is also involved with Lee’s Summit Missouri Adopt-A-Street program. She has two streets near her school and house that she is responsible to cleaning and has accumulated in excess of 100 hours cleaning those streets. Alyssa has been an model of kindness to others for many years. She was first recognized 6 years ago, while in the Kindergarten, where she received her first “Kindness Award” which was awarded to her by her school.



January  – Caitlyn – 8 years old

Caitlyn has been a true friend to a couple of special needs kids that I work with. I am a SPED para at Lakewood Elementary and she is so kind, helpful and full of kindness to these kids and everyone around her, teachers, other students and other members of the community. She helps them with their work, always chooses them to be her partner or to play with. Her family also is fostering another child who she adores and calls her “her sister”. She went from being the oldest to sharing a room with her younger sister all with a smile on her ace. She is definitely the kindness kid – ask anyone.


January  –Gabriel- 14 years old


I am a teacher at Northeast Middle School on Independence Ave. I teach English Language Learners (ELL) beginning level reading, which means my middle school students are reading at the K-2nd grade level. My students are all immigrants and refugees and are all incredible and awe worthy, but one student in particular stands out to me–Gabriel Mulume. He is one of my 8th grade students and comes from Congo. Gabriel has been through more than any of us could ever fathom, but you would never know it. He wears a smile like its part of his school uniform. He is incredibly passionate about school and learning. He is constantly seeking additional homework and puts his entire heart into all that he does. He wants to be a doctor when he grows up, because he loves studying as much as he loves people. He is so passionate about helping others and will do anything for anyone, whether it be a teacher or student of any sorts. He jumps at the chance to answer questions, respond to reading, or take a new student on a school tour. He is an exceptional child who could easily be a victim of his circumstance, but is FAR from it. He is currently living in a shelter with his brothers, but away from his parents and sister. His life is in constant limbo, not knowing where he’ll be staying or when he’ll be with his family, but you would never know! He is upbeat, positive, confident, outgoing, helpful, bright, and just an all around miracle. He brightens my day, my week, my school year so it would be such a pleasure if I could put a smile on his face by awarding him with money for his future education. Thank you so much for your thoughts and consideration.


January  –Piper


Piper is a student in my fourth grade class. I teach in the Fort Leavenworth school district. Since our district is made up of military families, we have an extremely high turnover of students each year. We also have several students who are English Language Learners. Piper is one of our returning students. She quickly welcomed the new students to our school. Since she gets along so well with her peers, she applied to be one of the “Playground Peacekeepers” for our class. This classroom role involves peer-mediating for any other students who have a disagreement at recess. Piper also has taken over the role of helping the two English Language Learners in our class. She often works with them at one of our back tables, while I work with other students. She is an excellent classroom helper, and makes everyone feel like they have a friend in her. There is no kinder student than Piper Dillon. She is extremely deserving of the Kind Kid of the Month Award.