April 19, 2015
4:02 pm
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The KFKF Kountry Krossword

Fill out our Kountry Krossword using the clues below for a chance to win a trip to the 2014 CMT Music Awards to see country's hottest stars!  All qualifiers will win Super Red Hot Crossword Instant Tickets from the Kansas Lottery. Listen weekdays starting May 12th at 7:20, 10:20, 2:20 & 4:20 to play!  All this thanks to Kansas Lottery!
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     2    name of the On air contest Dale hosts in the 7am hour
     4    How do you spell Country
     6    A state in which George Strait says all of his Ex’s live
     7    Late Afternoon Guy on KFKF
     12    Cowboys wear these on their boots for the purpose of directing a horse
     14    Used to fasten a belt
     15    Country Group that sings the song “Mountain Music” and will be headlining KFKF’s 51st Anniversary concert
     17    Saturday Night Host of the Country Gold Show
     18    a short pointed piece of wood or plastic used for removing bits of food lodged between the teeth
     21    an area of land used for growing crops and/or raising animals
     22    Toby Keith says his men get whiskey, the horses get this
     23    the big D (and I don’t mean Dallas)
     25    Midday guy on KFKF
     28    Cowboys wear these on their feet
     30    type of tequila Tracy Byrd did ten rounds with
     32    what someone would sit in while riding a horse
     33    Garth Brooks has friends here
     34    The Country version of a violin
     35    alcoholic drink used in margaritas and according to Joe Nichols it makes her clothes fall off
     36    The King of Country music that is retiring from touring this year
     37    Beverage that comes from ground beans and hot water
     39    Close to Halloween dale plays this song to scare children
     40    Beverage that comes from a cow
     1    Every Weekday at 5 Ed Walker plays the top ______ Songs you want to hear on your drive home
     3    Four Legged animal that cowboys ride
     5    Cowboys mend them and they are used to control animal movements and identify property lines
     6    a powerful motor vehicle with large rear wheels, used on farms
     8    promotion on KFKF that starts on flag day and goes to 9/11
     9    Movie genre featuring cowboys & Indians
     10    City known as the capital of country music
     11    Building found on a farm used to store hay and farming equipment
     13    Tony Stevens plays this feature starting at noon taking all your requests!
     16    Saturday Morning Show hosted by Debbie Erikson and Ted Cramer
     19    Johnny Cash went down is a burning what
     20    Night personality on KFKF
     24    a rope with a noose at one end, used for catching cattle or horses
     26    Event where you can watch people ride Bulls
     27    a metal rod with a handle, used for prodding and stirring an open fire or a card game
     29    Morning Show Guy on KFKF
     31    Jeff Foxworthy would say you might be one if you own a homemade fur coat
     38    Found in bales, used to feed livestock
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