March 6, 2015
1:26 am
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Get on the Road to Success with APEX CDL Institute!

Do you know someone that works hard, but can't seem to get ahead?  Nominate that person BELOW and let 94.1 KFKF and Apex CDL Institute help them launch their career to the next level with a scholarship to Apex CDL!  

Apex CDL Institute is a top truck driving school located in De Soto Kansas, just 25 minutes from downtown Kansas City. They offer the best in commercial truck driver training and career development for those looking to open up opportunities in the transportation industry. Apex CDL Institute uses only modern equipment, experienced instructors, and a first class facility to make sure that your training is not only complete and professional but enjoyable as well. There is no other career path that will give you the opportunity to make the kind of money truck drivers make with no prior experience and only 3 weeks of training.

Nominate someone below and let Apex CDL Institute be their gateway to a career that pays them what they deserve and gives them and their family the benefits they deserve!

Get on the Road to Success with APEX!
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DISCLAIMER: MVR 3 Years.  To be eligible must have: Clean driving record, no criminal history, and a stable work life.  Background check to be administered.
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