February 12, 2016
12:09 pm
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DALE CARTER AND THE MORE MUSIC MORNING SHOW WEEKDAYS 5AM-9AM...click here and learn more about Dale Carter!
Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM - Breeze through your midday with great music and Tony Stevens on KFKF! As a musician, businessman, husband and proud father, Tony's done it all, and stays in touch with everything going on in our community. It's no wonder he's been a fixture on KFKF for nearly 20 years! - Send an Email to Tony at tonys@kfkf.com
ED WALKER WEEKDAYS FROM 2PM-7PM - After a long hard day at work, hit the roads with Ed Walker on the Late Afternoon Show.  Steve Parker is in the KFKF Skycruiser with your best route home.  At 5pm, Ed unveils the #1 Song at 5, the top voted country song of the day!!  Turn up KFKF and sing along with Kansas City’s BEST Country Variety on your way home with Ed Walker!!
DEBBIE ERIKSON WEEKNIGHTS FROM 7PM-12AM - Most know Debbie from the Saturday Morning Legends of Country Show.  Now she’s keeping you company at night on KFKF!!  Debbie is multi-talented and can be found on most Saturday nights singing at the Big Creek Opry Show in Pleasant Hill!
Sunday: 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM - Take a two hour trip down memory lane with Ken Cooper and the greatest country music of all time - straight down the pipe from Atlanta, GA, with input from listeners all over the country! Close your weekend with country music's hottest retro party, only on 94.1 KFKF!
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