October 7, 2015
10:43 am
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DALE CARTER AND THE MORE MUSIC MORNING SHOW WEEKDAYS 5AM-9AM...click here and learn more about Dale Carter!
Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM - Breeze through your midday with great music and Tony Stevens on KFKF! As a musician, businessman, husband and proud father, Tony's done it all, and stays in touch with everything going on in our community. It's no wonder he's been a fixture on KFKF for nearly 20 years! - Send an Email to Tony at tonys@kfkf.com
ED WALKER WEEKDAYS FROM 2PM-7PM - After a long hard day at work, hit the roads with Ed Walker on the Late Afternoon Show.  Steve Parker is in the KFKF Skycruiser with your best route home.  Just before 5 Ed kicks off the Retro Ride Home!!  Turn up KFKF and sing along with Kansas City’s BEST Country Variety on your way home with Ed Walker!!
DEBBIE ERIKSON WEEKNIGHTS FROM 7PM-12AM - Most know Debbie from the Saturday Morning Legends of Country Show.  Now she’s keeping you company at night on KFKF!!  Debbie is multi-talented and can be found on most Saturday nights singing at the Big Creek Opry Show in Pleasant Hill!
Sunday: 10:00 PM - 12:00 AM - Take a two hour trip down memory lane with Ken Cooper and the greatest country music of all time - straight down the pipe from Atlanta, GA, with input from listeners all over the country! Close your weekend with country music's hottest retro party, only on 94.1 KFKF!
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